Translate any paper written in Dutch into Arabic with the mobile camera


Translating any paper written in Dutch to Arabic is a great application that converts any text written on paper from any language to Arabic or any other language.
This application has spread widely among users as one of the most important translation application as it provides a professional translation service that gives you an accurate translation without errors and with a fast speed that saves you a lot of time and effort as you can read any text or word written on paper from any language can translate into any language Arabic,

Where the program supports more than 100 different languages around the world, to be able to translate to and from those languages with ease, and we tried it out and the results were really amazing. Target.

This application is characterized by the fact that it offers the possibility to extract texts from books, magazines or even sentences written on roads on street signs or otherwise so that the program translates these texts immediately and with accurate translation without errors, which is a great feature that you can use often, not just translate. You can even adjust this translation if you want as the translation is sometimes literal, requiring you to step in to make some change if necessary.

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