Learning the Dutch language is one of the most important languages in the world that many want to learn, given the opportunities it offers to travel for work or study.
Or even for tourism, given the opportunities that the Netherlands offers to immigrants and tourists, and those who want to learn in the country where learning is almost free compared to many European countries and for those who want to establish themselves in learning the Dutch language by self study depending on Arabic language which may not be proficient Others after that, this application will help you to understand the words and its usage, the application of the most important 6000 words in Dutch language learning.

Memorizing words is one of the most important things in learning the Dutch language and there is a lot of vocabulary to memorize, so how can you find the time to sit down and recognize each word? Many language learning experts will tell you that there are right and wrong ways to learn vocabulary, but by giving you a few simple techniques,

And by trying out some free tools to learn the language, you can learn about 95% of the most common words when learning the Dutch language in a short amount of time, and the best part is that you don’t need to have a strong memory.

When you memorize words, you need to take notes on the new vocabulary. It is effective in memorizing words. We usually enjoy new words, but there is a concern that you will remember them quickly. These words don’t stick to the first time. To overcome that, get into the habit of using and writing a notebook. Any new words or phrases that you hear or remember the meaning that you understood will save you a lot of time and you will not return to the word and ask yourself what that phrase means again.

Favoriet voor het onthouden van belangrijke Nederlandse woorden.
Bekijk de laatst gezochte Nederlandse woorden.
3 moeilijkheidsgraden: beginner, gemiddeld en gevorderd.
Ondersteuning voor het vertalen van zinnen.
De app om Nederlands te leren is helemaal gratis!
Met deze applicatie kun je gratis de Nederlandse taal leren. Leer meer dan 6000 Nederlandse woorden door uit te leggen met afbeeldingen, het uitspreken van opgenomen woorden en vertaling door lokale mensen.De woorden in deze applicatie zijn onderverdeeld volgens de hoofdonderwerpen en beslaan de meeste aspecten van het dagelijks leven, van het restaurant tot het hotel, van huis tot werkplek, van de ruimte tot het koninkrijk Dier.

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