Learn Dutch with 5 minutes of daily practice. Mondly is the fastest solution that teaches you basic Dutch conversation words and phrases just like the phrasebook. If you want to learn more, Dutch grammar lessons are also available. Great for kids!

Mondly allows you to learn Dutch phrases and sentences for free with daily Dutch language lessons online. This app is an effective way for beginners to study verbs, pronunciation and fluency as if you were a fellow countryman with daily practice.

The secret way to learn the language
Remember the Dutch lessons at school? I started with hundreds of basic words and phrases, went through tons of Dutch grammar lessons, and at the end of the semester, after all the language lessons, you could barely translate a sentence or “Hello!” Say. For a foreigner. This is the traditional way of learning a language.
Mondly has a different curriculum and this is different from traditional language classes.

Before you know it, you’ll master the most useful 5000 words and phrases at the end of Dutch lessons and you’ll be on track to learning a new language. Children will also love that.

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