Learn to speak Dutch for travel, business, dating and studying


Vocabulary Builder to learn Dutch: Learn to speak the Dutch language for travel, business, meeting, studying and school.
Dictionary with translation Dutch – Arabic 10,000 words.
The most popular educational application of language courses for mobile and tablet: 500,000 new users / month.
• 100% free Dutch lessons for beginners, advanced students, adults and children. Build a linguistic toll in just 10 minutes a day. Sleep learning pioneers, designed by leading researchers. Quickly learn the most common Dutch words and travel phrases before your holiday. The method for accelerated and stress-free learning of the Dutch language. More than 10,000 words and sentences with picture and sound quality. More than any other program! Learn vocabulary while driving, running, or doing housework while only listening.
100% free. Try it now and download it!
Most important features:
► 10,000 Flashcards with Dutch words and phrases and their Arabic translation
► Listen only
The learning method التعلم is accelerated with iterative, based on the latest research for optimal memorization
النطق Quality pronunciation sound and images
► Internet connection not required while learning (offline)
► From beginners to advanced
► Adapts to mobile phones and tablets
► Learning while you sleep: Learn the words of the Dutch language while you sleep. Save hours of learning vocabulary. Based on the latest academic research.

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