Arabic-Dutch dictionary with phoneme, base and example word in Dutch

It is considered the best dictionary for a Dutch Arabic – Arabic Dutch dictionary that is accurate with the meanings and is considered one of the most accurate dictionaries that support the Arabic language. Programs and the best in all fields and the most dictionary containing words.

The dictionary gives many synonyms for each word separately, as well as ways to use it in the Dutch language. It also includes many explanatory sentences and a full explanation of each word. There are various “Dutch-Arabic” and “Arabic-Dutch” dictionaries, but most of them are not sufficient for the need of Arabic-language learners. Or students of the Dutch language from the Arabs, as most of these dictionaries are small in size and give the meaning of words without adequate explanation or illustrative examples. Therefore, it is expected that the dictionary will fill a large void and become a scientific reference for scholars and researchers.

Features of this dictionary:
Translation from Arabic to Dutch and from Dutch to Arabic
It does not need an internet connection for the translation
The property of translating words from other programs such as the Internet browser
Display word details such as plural and singular in the case of nouns
Automatically change translation language
Fast search with word suggestions
Reading words by voice (Dutch only)
Entering words by voice “dictation”
Register for translated words for your reference
List of favorite words
Ability to copy translation
Searching for more information about words on the Internet (if there is a connection)
The interface language can be changed between Arabic or Dutch.

Download link here


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